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When building a website, it’s important that you have have an experienced and talented design and web development team.
Here at Tiemens Creative we strive to make every website strong, secure and highly effective.

Local talent

We utilise the best of our local Australian talent to work on the design, build and delivery of creative work rather than send the bulk of it overseas. We are a local company that you can trust. Everything is made and coded in Australia.

Mobile first

More than 50% of web searches are now done on mobiles. For this reason we now design for mobile first. Then we work on desktop sites. Every website we develop is tested to ensure that it work well on mobiles as well as any other platform.

secured and protected

With all of our clients’ websites we use a four security tiers. This means they are hard to hack. We also encourage the remote backing up of websites (we arrange this). This ensures that we can have your site up and running in no time.

Website DESIGN

We aim to create websites that don’t just look great (unique, fresh and modern) but also work to take your customers and prospective customers on the right information journey.


Here at Tiemens Creative we have talented local (yes local!) coders who turn your business and marketing ideas into web pages, landing pages and microsites.


We can provide a website maintenance plan to help you update plugins, website software, content information, security platforms and also backup the site. 

Website Hosting

We can have your site on one of our servers or you can host it yourself. It’s your choice.

Ecommerce Stores

Many business want to start their own online store. We can help you by creating your perfect store.

Performance and Speed

A fast website is essential to keep visitors coming back. Our websites are created for speed.

Why clients love us


Many cheap “off-the-shelf” website builders force you to pay them big dollars if you want to make little changes to your site or if you wish to move your website to another provider or if you want to control your own domain name.


Tiemens Creative is committed to employing locals and skilling them up. Our clients appreciate our accessibility because we are a local business.

co-creation and development

While the underlying technology behind good websites is complex, creating an effective website should be logical and streamlined.

We work carefully with you so that you feel comfortable with the ins and outs of your site.

safe, sound and protected

There are many horror stories about business websites that are ambushed, hacked or held to random. That’s why we have our Four Points of Security which gives our clients peace-of-mind.

None of our websites have been hacked and we intend to keep it that way. We lock our sites down using similar technologies to banks and the military.

Do you need more than just a website?


If a website isn’t the only thing that you need, think about using our other services to help you improve your brand and its awareness.
We can help you design logos and all the other things that you need to bring out the full potential of your brand.

We also can create a great range of advertisements from television and radio to online Adwords campaigns and programmatic advertising.
For more info on brand creation, click here.
For more info on brand advertising, click here.


Let us help you grow Your business

Wherever you want to take your business we can find solutions for you within your budget.

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